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Athens, GA is a city in Clarke County, Georgia, in the northeastern part of the state, at the eastern terminus of Georgia 316. The University of Georgia is located in this college town and is responsible for the initial creation of Athens and its subsequent growth. Athens-Clarke County is a regional market for Northeast Georgia and serves as an employment and business center for five adjoining counties. Athens-Clarke County offers state and local incentives, low taxes, low cost of living, additional purchasing power, and an abundant employment base of over 30,000 college students. In Fall 2015, there were 36,130 students enrolled at the University of Georgia. Clarke County is the fifth largest city in the State of Georgia. Clarke County is the 18th most populous of Georgia’s 159 counties, being home to 114,737 people (including students), according to the 2010 Census.

Yes, it’s true. Athens has four mild seasons. More often than not Athens has great weather. A couple months in the spring and fall we don’t need Heat or A/C, those are special times. Our grills are used 10-12 months of the year and you can garden year round if you pick the right crops. We have big city entertainment with a small town, kid friendly atmosphere. UGA keeps the sports enthusiast busy as well as a wide array of music venues for those that need more culture. Athens has always been a music magnet. The art community is well supported throughout North East Georgia. UGA has even added a Music Business Certificate Program to enhance the local music business.

Are you searching for a community that offers plenty of activities for you and your family? You have found it here in Athens, GA. Besides taking advantage of the abundance of UGA owned facilities; we have excellent recreation properties throughout Athens and the surrounding communities. Our neighbor to the Southwest, Oconee County, is putting the finishing touches on a 200+ acre park, which includes indoor and outdoor facilities. Most of the newer subdivisions are including green space for trails and a pool and/or tennis courts to keep the whole family active. In Athens bike lanes are being added all around the town to support the growing biking population.

You can experience rock climbing, backpacking and hiking in the Northeast Georgia Mountains, all within two hours of Athens. Kayak and white water rafting are other weekend activities that are close to home. Although we are 4-6 hours from big sandy beaches, we have plenty of fresh water lakes to keep the water enthusiast happy.

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